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Let us be your weapon in the war on cybercrime

It is unfortunate how easy it is to become infected with a zero-day ransomware or other viruses even though you may be running a fully-updated anti-virus and/or other type of network security solution on your network. It is even more frightening knowing that today's vast amount of ransomware infections have been originating from legitimate and trusted websites that we use every day.
Although maintaining current backups is a solution to recover from these types of attacks, the recovery and restoration process may take a lot of time and effort. Also, your backups may not be as current as you think they are. Sometimes losing even one day’s worth of work can be a devastating loss.
reevert has been architected to maintain the most current backups by taking hourly, daily, weekly and monthly snapshots. It guarantees blazing fast data recovery and restoration from local snapshots and even adds offsite Amazon S3 based cloud backups to provide full site recovery capabilities and peace of mind; all in one consolidated solution.
You can recover from a fully destroyed and encrypted file-systems in a matter of minutes, no matter how large your data sets are.
Do not wait until it is too late. We offer a 30-day free trial. Download and try reevert today! For more information on reevert, please visit our features and benefits page.


Who We Are

reevert was created by a team of IT professionals with over 40 years of combined IT experience to answer the increasing demand for a storage solution that provides maximum protection against today's zero-day ransomware and virus attacks.
As an IT team with a large clientele, we have been combatting these types of attacks more and more frequently. We decided to create an effective and cost efficient solution that provides maximum protection for our clients against these emerging threats.


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