Features & Benefits

Data and Image backups, ransomware protection and disaster recovery tools, all in one easy-to-use solution.

All-in-One Technology

reevert brings you combined benefits of a full-featured backup appliance with local and cloud backup and recovery capabilities, and a highly reliable Active Directory integrated file server; all managed from a single, easy to use admin panel.

reevert supports multiple different backup and data protection mechanisms:

  • Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly Snapshots of locally stored data.

  • Ability to perform instant restores or roll backs of local data.

  • Data Protection and Sync for local network shares and shared folders.

  • File / Folder level backup for Windows computers on your network.

  • Image backups for physical and virtual servers, workstations and laptops.

  • Seamless cloud data replication to Amazon S3 or Wasabi Hot Storage, IBM Cloud and more with bandwidth throttling.

  • Flexible Snapshot Retentions and Scheduling.

Efficient Snapshots

reevert appliance is programmed to take hourly, daily, weekly and monthly snapshots of your data. No matter how big your data sets are, taking and restoring local snapshots only takes seconds. Restoring local snapshots does not require additional disk space. Each snapshot only contains actual changes from previous snapshots which saves time and increases efficiency.

Built-in Filesystem Efficiency

reevert uses the LZ4 filesystem compression, making the process fast and efficient. Filesystem compression helps save valuable disk space and improves I/O performance. In addition, OpenZFS’s dynamic filesystem block size allocation helps store information with maximum possible storage efficiency.

Reliable Data Recovery

Files being lost or deleted might be the first scenarios that come to mind when you think about data loss, but more and more business information is being targeted by thieves and hackers. Malware and Ransomware, like the cryptolocker trojan, encrypt files for ransom; in most cases, data is rendered unsalvageable.

Malware and Ransomware attacks are on the rise, and while they can be prevented, it’s always recommended to have a backup plan in case of infection. File storage and backup with reevert ensure speedy file recovery, helping businesses get back on track in the event of an attack.

As cyber attacks have become increasingly common, it’s more a matter of when you’ll be affected by an attack rather than if. Be prepared in the case of data loss with a foolproof backup plan.

reevert's local hourly, daily, weekly and monthly snapshots will help you get your data back in a matter of seconds. In case of total site loss, cloud backups will help you get back on track.

Reliable Cloud Backups

reevert can be configured to use several different cloud storage providers to store your off-site snapshots. Amazon S3, Google, IBM, Wasabi Hot Storage and more provide very reliable, extremely high durability (99.999999999%) and cost effective storage service to store your off-site backups. You can see a list and their prices here.

Cost Savings

reevert is an all-in-one solution. It serves as your file server or a backup appliance, providing local and cloud backup capabilities; In turn, this provides savings on maintenance costs, operating system licensing fees, backup software and very cost effective off-site storage space with Amazon S3, Wasabi Hot Storage, IBM Cloud and others.

Easy to use Web-UI

reevert comes with a user friendly web based administration interface which makes your administration tasks very easy. Built-in help is a click away with access to our online documentation explaining features and benefits. Innovative interface design makes all operations just a few clicks away.

Flexible Deployments

reevert supports a majority of virtualization platfoms including VMware, Citrix XenServer, XEN, KVM, HyperV and Amazon EC2. Storage volumes are dynamically expandable. If a storage pool is running out of space, simply add new virtual disks and expand it with a click or two. No downtime or reboot is needed.

Hassle Free Maintenance

Thanks to built-in alerting reports / notifications, you can set up your pools, shares and off-site backup schedules and not have to think about them. If anything happens, your reevert appliance will send you notifications. All day-to-day tasks can be automated. The goal is to minimize your administration efforts, not to increase them.

Our Clients Include

reevert provides protection against data loss in all industry sectors; from finance and healthcare to engineering and manufacturing.

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Supported Cloud Storage Providers

Amazon S3 storage       Wasabi Hot Storage       IBM Bluemix Cloud Computing     Google Cloud Platform     Outscale     Spaces     PC Extreme     Dream Objects

Supported On-Prem, Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Solution Providers

Scality     Minio     Zenko.io     Cloudian     Riak S2     Ceph     Leo FS     Pure Storage

Available on Amazon AWS Marketplace

Available on Amazon AWS Marketplace

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