Frequently Asked Questions

  •   Deployment
    •   How can I download reevert?
    • To download a 30 day trial of our reevert appliance, please visit our Free Trial page. Once you fill out our quick and easy form, you will be sent an email with a 24 hour link to the ova file.
    •   How do I check the integrity of my download?
    • If you wish to check the integrity of the VM download, you will need to check the md5sum given to you in the Free Trial email against the md5sum of the downloaded file. This can be done very easly using MD5 tools such as WinMD5Free.
    •   I've downloaded the ova file, now what?
    • Once you've downloaded the ova file, you will need to import the appliance into your virtual environment. We have instructions in how to do so in our Documentation. Each different virtual environment has its own instructions. If you have a virtual environment that is not listed in our documentation and need assistance with, please contact us.
    •   What virtual environments can I install reevert on?
    • You should be able to install the reevert appliance in most virtual environments where you can import an ova, ovf, or vmdk file. The virtual environments that we have documentation for are:
      • VMware
      • Oracle VM VirtualBox
      • Microsoft Hyper-V
      • Linux KVM
      • Citrix XenServer
      • Amazon Web Services

      If you have a virtual environment that is not in that list, and would like to know if reevert appliance can be installed on it, please contact us.

    •   Can I install this on a physical machine, such as my home desktop?
    • At this time the reevert appliance will need to be deployed in a virtual environment, and cannot be installed as a standalone physical system.
    •   What are the recommended specifications?
    • Our resource requirements are as follows:
      • Mininum Requirements: 4 CPU Core / 4 GB memory.
      • Recommended Requirements: 4 CPU Core / 8 GB Memory.
      • Larger Datasets: For larger data sets that are 200GB+, 8 CPU Core / 16 GB Memory.
  •   Setup
    •   What is the maximum size that the reevert appliance can hold?
    • The reevert appliance is built on top of a ZFS filesystem, which is a 128 bit filesystem. It can hold a maximum of 256 Billion Terabytes ( 278 bytes).
    •   What happens if my license expires?
    • When your reevert license expires, your admin panel will go into reduced functionality mode. At this point you will only be able to view the status of your pools and shares, and the system will stop making newer snapshots. To renew the license, you will need to click on the Renew link located in the System Status section of your Admin Panel dashboard.
    •   What if the initilization of the setup process gets stuck?
    • Please make sure the appliance has internet connectivity. During the initialization process the machine needs to access the internet to receive updates, and if it has no internet connectivity it will timeout.
    •   My environment has no DHCP Server, how can I assign an IP address to my appliance?
    • The appliance lets you assign an IP address via console during boot time. Please see here for more information.
    •   How many licenses do I need?
    • This really depends on how much data your appliance will be storing and how much resources can be assigned to it. Just like deploying a file server, you may need one or multiple to fully cover your needs.
    •   I keep getting "hostname already exists in network" error during setup. What is the issue?
    • Make sure your local DNS / Domain controller does not have a registered hostname pointing to the IP address currently assigned to your appliance.
    •   We have web blocker setup in our environment. Anything to consider?
    • Your appliance needs internet access to be able to function properly. You need to exclude your appliance from web blocker restrictions.
    •   The appliance setup fails with "Error creating a trial license." error. What is the issue?
    • Your appliance needs internet access to be able to function properly. You need to exclude your appliance from web blocker restrictions.
  •   Administration
    •   What happens if my virtual environment fails?
    • If your virtual environment fails and it is not recoverable in any ways, you can use your off-site backups to restore your data.
    •   S3 uploads are generating "MemoryError! You have exceeded the amount of memory available for this process." and failing to finish the upload process.
    • Try adding more RAM to your instance. If your instance will perform multiple simultaneous uploads and you have 200+ GB of data, recommended memory size is 16GB.
    •   My Virtual Environment lost power while a reevert off-site backup was running. Backup jobs still show running however there is no network activity. What should I do?
    • You need to cancel the interrupted jobs and start snapshot uploads again using "Upload Snap to S3" buttons under "Shares and Snapshots".
    •   I'm getting a 500 error when trying to access the admin panel. What should I do?
    • Just wait a couple of minutes and the system will restore your access to the web admin panel.
    •   Memory usage on my reevert appliance almost always shows high.
    • If the memory usage shows more than 75% almost all the time, we recommend adding more RAM to your apppliance
    •   Is it possible to host SQL Server files on a reevert share?
    • Yes. Starting SQL Server 2012, you can host your databases on SMB shares. See this MSDN article for more details.
    •   File shows as being locked / read-only after a computer crash. What should we do?
    • You will need to Reload the file server. Reload will reload file server services and will not interrupt any active network file operations. This is located under File Server Operations on the dashboard.
    •   My Anti-Virus is complaining about a virus infection with winexesvc.exe file?
    • The winexesvc.exe is a service that reevert uses to connect to machines in your network. Please whitelist this file in your antivirus. The file is located under C:\Windows\winexesvc.exe. In addition to this, please make sure that C:\Windows\snapshot.exe and C:\Windows\snapinit.exe are also whitelisted.
    •   My backup processes started failing suddenly with connection errors.
    • Please make sure that C:\Windows\winexesvc.exe, C:\Windows\snapshot.exe, and C:\Windows\snapinit.exe are whitelisted in your antivirus.
    •   The appliance is not seeing a machine to create a image backup set or backup set.
    • In the situation that you have a machine that is running Windows 10 or Windows 2016 Server that is not discoverable when adding a New Backup Set or New Image Backup Set, even if manually entering the computer name, you need to make sure that the Remote Service Management (NP-In) Windows Firewall rule is enabled. To enable this rule, click on Search Windows Icon on the Taskbar and run WF.msc. This will bring up the Windows Firewall and Advanced Security window. Click on Inbound Rules, then scroll down till you see the Remote Service Management (NP-In) rule. Right click on the rule and Enable it.

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