The Cyberattack Strategies Hackers Will Deploy This Year

The Cyberattack Strategies Hackers Will Deploy This Year

Nowadays, any organization can be susceptible to a cyberattack, as sensitive data can end up in a hacker’s hands if a website has unpatched vulnerabilities. Hackers can take sensitive information acquired through data breaches and cause a chaotic stream of events, such as selling stolen login credentials over the dark web.

Cybercriminals can either work as a large coalition targeting corporations or even work as amateurs using malware kits sold on the dark web. This highlights the possible cyberattack trends that could be prevalent within this year: those who deploy advanced-level attacks through premade kits and those who work to target specific organizations or high-tier officials within political or corporate sectors.

Malware kits are easy to come by these days, as hackers have bundled up easy-to-use tools for anyone to purchase and deploy in order to wreak havoc. It even comes equipped with tutorials for beginners in the field.

Maya Horowitz, the director of threat intelligence and research at Check Point Software, explains how “[t]here’s an entire as-a-service ecosystem and it’s really everywhere. It started as malware as-a-service, but now there’s also phishing as-a-service, exploit kits as-a-service, botnets as-a-service. Anyone can mix-and-match their own attacks, almost without knowing anything.”

Kits aren’t the only ways cybercriminals are able to access a network. Phishing scams work just as well for hackers, especially if a hacker’s target is active on social media.

Dubbed “rose phishing”, cybercriminals can use a victim’s whereabouts in order to craft personalized emails that would drive its recipient to click on a link, mainly if the victim believes the email is of utmost importance and related to a recent meeting or trip, for example.

Relativity’s chief security officer Amanda Fennell comments on the issue: "If you travel and post you're at company headquarters in Chicago, [for instance,] next thing you know you could get a targeted email stating you left a document at O'Hare airport. You'd get really worried, it could be very compelling to click on."

This opportunistic phishing attempt acts as another gateway into a network that could instigate great consequences for both individuals and businesses. Organizations are strictly advised to implement cybersecurity strategies in order to be prepared before disaster strikes.

As part of such cybersecurity plans, backing up your data should be of utmost importance. Cybercriminals are always looking for ways to do the most damage in order to make the most profit at your expense. Don’t be a victim of ransomware. Instead, take proactive action to safeguard your data by using our own storage and ransomware resistant solution reevert®.

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