SMBs Beware: Ransomware Threat is Still High for the 2019 Year

SMBs Beware: Ransomware Threat is Still High for the 2019 Year

Data collected from MSPs show that ransomware attacks could likely increase upon small and medium-sized business in the upcoming 2019 year. Help Net Security reported how over 55% of MSPs had clients that underwent a ransomware attack during the first half of 2018. Their prediction: the number of cyberattacks will only get worse, with ninety-two percent of MSPs making such predictions about the devastation that could befall SMBs.

Regardless of which operating system was used and if antivirus software was implemented, MSPs reported that their clients still fell victim to cyberattacks. SMBs that used MacOS and iOS platforms were just as unlucky to have experienced a ransomware attack within the previous year.

Ransomware breaches begin through employee actions such as clicking on malicious links in emails or ads.Through proper security training, employees can look for warning signs so as to avoid any phishing schemes. Aside from training, however, SMBs should focus on business continuity plans along with using disaster recovery technology such as a backup and storage solution.

It is well known that ransomware attacks can engender significant damage to company revenue, as costs can average around $46,800 according to Help Net Security’s report, ultimately putting SMBs out of business. The problem arises when companies think that they are immune to any cyberattacks, thereby failing to implement proper ransomware response plans. What’s worse is the lack of resources for real-time monitoring of any suspicious activity within a company’s network. SMBs also fail to report any cyberattacks.

Hackers know how to manipulate companies into paying ransoms; cybercriminals are also aware that SMBs are easier to target compared to larger businesses, putting such companies at a great risk.

Paying the ransom for retrieval of encrypted data doesn’t always work, as data provided by Bitdefender showed how 38 percent of SMBs that paid the ransom were unable to recover their lost data. To prevent any costly attacks, SMBs should focus on threat prevention, investing in a backup solution and continuously updating their software to patch any vulnerabilities that may arise.

Cybercriminals are always looking for ways to do the most damage in order to make the most profit at your expense. Don’t be a victim of ransomware. Instead, take proactive action to safeguard your data by using our own storage and ransomware resistant solution reevert™.

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