reevert Cloud Panel is available now

We are really excited to announce that reevert's most anticipated feature, reevert Cloud Panel which is a centralized management portal to oversee and manage multiple appliances from a single location, is available now! This is a great feature for MSPs and IT firms that often need to work with multiple appliance installations at different client locations.

The Cloud Panel offers the following features:

- Ability to register and manage unlimited number of appliances.

- Mandatory two factor authentication.

- Ability to assign multiple logins to the same panel.

- Appliance overview and licensing details.

- Near realtime appliance dashboard stats.

- Near realtime appliance task list and ability to cancel running tasks.

- Appliance recent notifications and alerts report.

- Appliance recent completed cloud backups report.

- Appliance recent completed image backups report.

- Ability to perform remote commands including bu not limited to:

  • Adding and Editing backup policies such as backup sets and image backups.

  • Ability to perfoms appliance OS and firmware updates.

  • Ability to restart important services.

  • Ability to perform restores from local backups as well as cloud storage.

  • Ability to perform on-demand backup, replication and snapshot requests.

- Ability to perform appliance settings changes including but not limited to:

  • System Settings and notifications.

  • Cloud Connector Settings, speed throttling, upload schedules and connection testing.

  • Replication Settings, speed throttling, replication schedules and connection testing.

  • Image backup and backup set settings.

- Appliance command queue and the ability to track recent commands and results.

- Ability to manage subscriptions and renewals and to purchase new licenses.

- Appliance tagging and grouping.

- Extensive logging and event tracking for auditing purposes.

Please contact us if you are interested in obtaining a cloud panel access for your appliances.

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