reevert Backup and Recovery Solution Offers Hardware Appliances

reevert is currently offering three models R112, R118 and R121, which are rack-mountable and provide 12TB, 18TB and 21TB of usable storage space.

The hardware appliances are utilizing a Quad Core Intel XEON E3 processor and 16GB of DDR4 RAM, so MODEL R1 backup appliances are powerful enough to handle heavy and I/O intensive backup workloads.

Hardware appliances have all the features of software versions with the added benefit of dedicated hardware resources, which are tuned to potentially offer a better overall performance.

A tower based model is also planned and its technical specifications will be released in near future.

You can access the pricing information for MODEL R1 appliances from here.

A minimum 12 month commitment is required in order to lease an appliance and the billing will be handled on a monthly basis. Included in the hardware lease is a reveert enterprise license.

You can contact reevert if you are interested in leasing one their backup appliances.

About reevert

reevert is a comprehensive all-in-one backup and storage solution, designed from the ground up specifically to protect against ransomware and data loss. It features fast hourly snapshots, safeguards your data and backups, and allows very fast recovery from ransomware and malware infections, unlike other backup solutions. Reevert can image servers and computers, protect network shares and local files and offers off-site Cloud Data replication.

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