reevert 1.7.0 has been released

We are pleased to announce immediate availability of reevert firmware 1.7.0 and reevert appliance OVA 1.7.0. All existing reevert installations will be updated automatically via the admin control panel.

This version includes the following feature updates, look and feel enhancements, core / helper component updates as well as bug fixes.

reevert no longer needs to be your file server in order to benefit from continuous hourly data backups.

What’s new?
This version includes two major feature updates:

Sync Remote Shares
This feature enables users to use reevert as a remote backup appliance. Point your appliance to any number of remote shares and reevert will back them up continuously and efficiently. This process has been made very easy by automatic network share discovery and automatic share creation systems. To find out more details about this feature, please click here.

Monthly Full + Daily incremental off-site backup mode
This new mode will let clients with slower internet connections upload their off-site backups quicker. You can easily switch your off-site backup policies to this new mode and your appliance will take care of the rest. For more information in regards to off-site backup modes, please click here.

Other updates include:

Look and Feel enhancements
The WebUI has been re-evaluated and several updates have been made to enhance the overall user experience. Additionally, a number of styling issues with some web browsers were fixed.

Core and Helper Component Updates
We have made updates and improvements to multiple core and helper components of the firmware in order to improve performance and reliability.

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