reevert has been released

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of reevert firmware and reevert appliance OVA This version is also available on Amazon Marketplace. You can upgrade your existing appliances by logging into local admin panels or from the cloud panel.

What's New?

  • System Monitoring Center

    This feature enables sysadmins to get detailed information about any computer on their network and add alarms to monitor specific metrics on these systems including CPU, Memory and Disk usage as well as systems being offline. This system also helps visualize system performance trends by offering metrics graphs. There is no need to purchase any new licenses, push any new agents or install anything. reevert's communication agent takes care of collecting all the data and metrics for you. Windows, Linux, MacOS and Unix bases operating systems are supported. We are positive a lot of MSPs would love this new addition! For more details, read our blog post about this feature.

  • Native VPN Server Support

    We understand that providing secure and reliable connectivity for remote users could be challenging. That is why we have implemented a very easy to setup VPN system that gives remote users the pleasure of a secure, reliable and high-performance connectivity to your hosted data and office computers. If you are using reevert integrated with your Windows Active Directory, the good news is that the VPN service is fully integrated with your AD. The VPN system is supported on Windows, Linux, Unix and macOS. For more details, read our blog post about this new feature.

  • Updated Cloud Panel

    The reevert Cloud Panel has been updated to considerably boost performance, and we have significantly expanded its backup policy and data storage management capabilities. Using Google 2 Factor authentication is now highly recommended and is required to be able to use some of the new management capabilities. We also made switching from our classic 2FA system to Google easy as a breeze. We have also refreshed the design elements and the overall look and feel of the cloud panel. Hope you enjoy the refreshment!

  • reevert Direct Cloud

    You may already know that you can deploy reevert virtual appliances on AWS cloud via AWS Marketplace. We are taking this one step further by offering reevert Direct Cloud which makes deploying reevert on AWS easy as a breeze. We have designed a CloudFormation template that does pretty much everything automatically and you can have your reevert appliance running on AWS in less than 15 minutes. In combination with our new native VPN system, this makes it a really powerful tool to migrate away from on-premises file and storage servers to a secure and high performance alternative on the cloud. All you need to do is, open a regular AWS account (or login to your existing one), download the template and run it! For more details, read our blog post about this new feature.

  • Updated Image Backup System

    We have made changes to the image backup system to make it more resilient when encountering connectivity issues with backup guests and have added extra monitoring metrics to trigger alarms if needed. We now also have an automatic system to make fresh full backups if it detects errors or any kind of issues in previous backups.

  • Backup sets system fixes and enhancements

    The backup sets system has been updated to improve performance and to expand its support to BSD family of operating systems.

  • Updated Cloud Upload Queue System

    The cloud upload queue system has been updated to better cope with locations having slower internet connectivity.

  • Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage Support

    We were very pleased to hear that Backblaze finally did the "right thing" by implementing S3 API compatibility. Hence we are now gladly adding them as another supported cloud storage provider to our long list of cloud storage providers. The choice is yours, and we have got you covered!

  • Overall Performance and Reliability improvements

    As usual with any major new update, we have gone over different system components and have made have made any necessary performance and reliability improvements.


Don't forget to check out our documentation and best practices document as well.

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