reevert has been released

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of reevert firmware and reevert appliance OVA This version will be available on Amazon Marketplace soon. You can upgrade your existing appliances by logging into the admin panel or using the cloud panel.

What's New?

  • Mount image backups anywhere

    You now have the ability to mount image backups under any computer in addition to the original machine.

  • Manual image backup mode choice

    When triggering a manual (not scheduled) image backup, you now have the ability to pick between a full and automatic backup modes.

  • Added support for locally authenticated users

    You now have the ability to add locally authenticated users. These are considered non-AD users. The workgroup edition has been upgraded to use this feature as well.

  • Added support for running reevert on Microsoft Azure Platform

    The firmware has been updated to support running on Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. We are working to make reevert available on Azure Marketplace.

  • Added support for Azure Blob Cloud Storage

    You can now use Azure Blob Cloud Storage to store your off-site backups.

  • Improved support for Google Cloud Storage

    Google Cloud Storage support has been improved including better performance as well as AES-256 encryption.

  • Added support for Scheduled Cloud Commands

    The Cloud Panel has been upgraded to support scheduling for all applicable commands.

  • Image backup system fixes and enhancements

    The image backup system also has been improved in this version and comes with several UI and core system updates.

  • Global firmware performance and stability improvements

    A ton of system-wide updates, improvements and bug fixes have been implemented to improve performance, reliability, functionality, and stability.


Don't forget to check out our documentation and best practices document as well.

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