reevert 1.14.0 has been released

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of reevert firmware 1.14.0 and reevert appliance OVA 1.14.0. This version is also available on Amazon Marketplace. You can upgrade your existing appliances by logging into the admin panel.

What's New?

  • Added support for Cloud Panel Integration

    This release is the first version to be fully compatible with our brand new centralized cloud control panel. The centralized cloud panel lets system administrators to manage and monitor multiple appliances from a single location.

  • Added Appliance to Appliance Data Replication support

    You can now replicate your data across locations to a second reevert appliance for disaster recovery purposes. Policy information and core backup settings will also be replicated to make the secondary appliance ready to go in case of a disaster at the main location.

  • Automatic Cloud upload clean-up system

    Cloud connector adds support for automatic backup cleaning up after a certain criteria is met. It offers several clean-up options for the admins to choose from. This is helpful specially if your cloud storage provider does not support automatic clean-up policies or is not as flexible.

  • Updated and Improved System Task Scheduler

    This version comes with an improved version of the core task scheduler that also improves performance and reliability.

  • Image backup system fixes and enhancements

    The image backup system also has been improved in this version and comes with several UI and core system updates.

  • Backup sets system fixes and enhancements

    The backup sets system comes with a brand new backup results analyzer and data collection system and improved reliability.

  • UI/UX usability updates and improvements

    There has been several changes and improvements to the Web-UI system to improve usability.

  • UI/UX performance improvements

    The updated Web-UI comes with a greatly improved caching system to improve overall responsiveness and performance.

  • Internal event logging improvements

    The internal logging system has been improved to address auditing requirements.

  • Added support for DreamObjects US-East-1 endpoint

    Cloud Connector adds support for DreamObjects US-East-1 endpoint.

  • Global firmware performance and stability improvements

    A lot of system-wide updates, process improvements, and bug fixes have been implemented on underlying helper tools and sub-systems to improve performance, reliability, functionality, and stability.


Don't forget to check out our updated documentation and best practices document as well.

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