reevert 1.12.0 has been released

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of reevert firmware 1.12.0 and reevert appliance OVA 1.12.0. This version will be available on Amazon Marketplace soon. You can upgrade your existing appliances by logging into the admin panel.

What's New?

  • Quick Restores Search Engine

    Quick Restores was a great addition to the previous version that allows sysadmins to perform file/folder restores directly from the admin panel. This great feature now has searching capabilities. If users do not remember where the actual location of a lost file or folder was? No problem. Use the search!

  • Share Level Authentication Restrictions

    Now you have the ability to restrict access to the appliance's network shares to desired active directory users or groups when needed.

  • Backup Sets Support Mac, Linux and Unix

    You can now backup Mac, Linux and Unix based computers using backup sets.

  • On-Demand Snapshots

    You can now take on-demand file-system snapshots of your shares and data whenever you need one.

  • Cloud Connector Supports AES-256 Encryption

    You can encrypt your cloud uploads using AES-256 encryption now. This becomes handy when your cloud storage provides does not support server side encryption.

  • Cloud Uploader Improved Resiliency and Upload Resume

    The Cloud Uploader module has been updated to offer a much greater level of resiliency when it comes to dealing with poor internet connections and network outages. It now also supports resuming failed uploads (still experimental).

  • Robocopy mode for Sync Remote Shares for NAS devices

    The Sync Remote Shares system has been updated to support Robocopy mode for backing up NAS devices. This will help preserving file/folder rights and permissions when backing up NAS devices.

  • New Cloud Storage Providers

    We have added support for the following new cloud storage providers. This will provide more flexibility when it comes to selecting a cloud storage provider. Check our Cloud Storage Matrix page for more details including pricing of all supported providers.

  • Added Support for On-Prem, Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud S3 API compatible Storage Solutions

    A large number of companies use On-Prem, Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Enterprise level solutions to store their data and backups. We are glad to announce that reevert now officially supports the following solutions:

  • UI Fixes and Improvements

    We have applied a lot of fixes and process / functionality improvements on the web based administration panel throughout all modules.

  • Hardware Appliance Specific Improvements

    The firmware has been updated to imporve support for hardware based appliances including additional monitoring and alerts as well as redundant networking support.

  • Improved Cached Login System

    Active Directory integration mode now has an improved cached login mechanism.

  • Global firmware performance and stability improvements

    A lot of system wide updates, process improvements, and bug fixes have been implemented on underlying helper tools and sub-systems to improve performance, reliability, functionality and stability.


Don't forget to check out our updated documentation and best practices document as well.

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