reevert 1.11.0 has been released

We are very excited to announce the immediate availability of reevert firmware 1.11.0 and reevert appliance OVA 1.11.0. This version will be available on Amazon Marketplace soon. You can upgrade your appliances by logging into the admin panel.

What's New?

  • Quick Restores

    You can consider "Restore Points" a thing of the past. The new "Quick Restores" feature will let administrators browse the contents of snapshots, and perform file/folder restores directly from the admin panel. When performed on Sync Folders or Backup Sets, this new system can perform restores to the original location (Network Share or Computer) making the whole restore process a breeze. This process takes a snapshot of the data prior to perfroming a restore operation.

  • User Rights Console

    User rights console enables administrators to perform permissions and user rights modifications on files and folders. This is basically a Web-GUI for the iCacls command line utility to make these operations very easy and efficient to perform.

  • File Server Monitoring

    The file server module now has a monitoring system that constantly monitors these services and will bring them back online in case they go down for any reason. If planning to perform maintenance, administrators have the option to turn the monitoring system off.

  • Memory Usage Monitoring

    There is another new monitoring process which oversees the overall memory usage of the appliance and re-acts if memory usage reaches a critical level. This includes sending an email alert to the registered administrator.

  • Backup Sets use Shadow Copy Services

    The Backup Sets system has been updated to utilize shadow copies wherever available. This ensures all files and folders get backed up reliably without encountering file locking and similar issues.

  • Mount Image Backups

    Administrators can mount / unmount image backups directly from the appliance to extract files / folders from images if necessary. The newly created UI makes this functionality easy as a breeze.

  • Improved Snapshot Creation Engine

    The Snapshot creation and clean-up engine has been greatly improved and adds support for on-demand system wide snapshots.

  • WebUI Changes and Improvements

    Dozens of minor updates, changes and fixes have been applied to different sections of the WebUI, improving the overall functionality and stability.

  • Recap of features released after 1.10.0 (Settings Section)

    • File Server Auditing: File Server Auditing keeps track of all share level file system activities. Please note that after enabling or disabling this feature, file server services must be restarted for the changes to take effect. You can restart file server services from the dashboard.

    • File Server Default Create Permissions: File Server Create Permissions sets default permission modes for new files or folders created by users.

    • Remote Log Server: Administrators can configure their reevert appliance to submit system logs including file server activity and audit logs back to a log server. If the environment requirements are to keep logs for more than seven days, you need to use this feature.

  • Global firmware performance and stability improvements

    A lot of system wide updates and bug fixes have been implemented on underlying helper tools and sub-systems to improve performance, functionality and stability.

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