reevert 1.10.0 has been released

We have been working on exciting new features and improvmenets which are now available as reevert firmware 1.10.0 and reevert appliance OVA 1.10.0. This version will be available on Amazon Marketplace soon.

What's New?

  • Image Backups

    The long awaited image backups are finally here! This new feature enables your reevert appliance to create image backups of all Windows computers on your network and transforms reevert into a full featured backup solution.

    Here is a list of most notable features of the image backup system:

    • High Performance, Efficient and Reliable image backups.

    • Supports physical and virtual servers, workstations and laptops.

    • Easily create image backup policies from the admin panel.

    • Full backup automation with flexible retentions.

    • Ability to perform restores directly from the admin panel.

    • Supports Full and Differential image backup modes, Weekly Full / Monthly Full / Weekly Full + Daily Diffs and Monthly Full + Daily Diffs policies.

    • Supports flexible full and differential retentions.

    • Supports mounting image backups as virtual drive to recover file / folders.

    • Supports resizing partitions while performing restores.

    • Can be used to convert physical servers into virtual machines.

    • Off-Site replication of image backups to AWS S3.

    • Windows Server 2003 / Windows XP or newer versions of Windows Operating Systems are supported.

    • Two image backup licenses included with the Enterprise Subscriptions.

    See the Image Backups documentation page for more details and information.

  • Backup Sets and Sync Remote Shares Improvements

    Backup Sets and Sync Remote Shares come with user interface and usability improvements, bug fixes and core updates. For instance you can now initiate backups and syncs manually from the admin panel and the interface has an indicator showing currently running backup sets or sync plicies.

  • WebUI Changes and Improvements

    • S3 Settings has been renamed to Cloud Connector as we are planning to support more cloud platforms for off-line backups syncs in the future.

    • New Quick Stats section on the dashboard displays quick statistics on the number of shares, backup sets, image backup policies as well as sync folders you have on your appliance.

  • Global firmware performance and stability improvements

    Several system wide updates and fixes have been implemented on underlying helper tools to improve performance, functionality and stability.

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