Ransomware Attack Hits Albany, NY

Ransomware Attack Hits Albany, NY

Albany, NY was hit with a ransomware attack as made public by Mayor Kathy Sheehan via Twitter on Saturday. Several municipal services offered within the city were impacted after the cyberattack, as birth, death, and marriage certificates as well as marriage license applications could not be administered or processed.

The ransomware strain is yet to be identified; the Mayor stated that “[the city is] currently determining the extent of the compromise.” Another city statement on Sunday explained that citizens in need of marriage licenses have to apply in person in nearby cities. Copies of birth, death, and marriage certificates would also be available within Menands, another nearby city to Albany, this creating an inconvenience to many citizens.

The Albany Police Officers Union was also impacted by the cyberattack, as officers were unable to use their scheduling system, departmental email, or have access to incident reports within patrol car computers, thereby delaying service calls.

There is no word yet on what type of ransomware infected the city government network. There has also been no mention of the city paying the ransom.

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