Q3 Ransomware Statistics That Everyone Should Know

We thought Q2 was bad in the ransomware spectrum, but reports now show that Q3 was even worse. A recent Kaspersky Lab report has revealed that ransomware attacked have more than doubled between July and September 2016. They detected 171,802,109 malicious attacks in over 190 countries in this three month span.

Banking malware has already been on the rise but over the last quarter, percentages have gone up by 5.8% to 1,132,031. These attacks were launched in effort to steal money via online banking. As we’re heading into the holiday season, the number of online payments greatly increase. Additionally, 45% of maximum exploits are now being designed to target internet browsers and 19% are targeting Android OS’s.

As for ransomware affecting SMBs, cryptors (such as Cryptolocker and Locky) maintain their ranking as one of the biggest threats to businesses. In Q2, there were 9,296 known modifications. As of Q3, there are now 32,091 modifications - an increase that more than tripled the number last quarter.

The number of newly created cryptor modifications, Q1 – Q3 2016
Image credit: Kaspersky Lab 

Fedor Sinitsyn of Kaspersky Lab says, “Crypto ransomware continues to be one of the most dangerous threats, both to private users and to businesses.”

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To read the full Kaspersky Lab report, click this link. 

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