Patient Records of Fetal Diagnostic Institute Breached By Ransomware Attack

Patient Records of Fetal Diagnostic Institute Breached By Ransomware Attack

Hawaii’s Fetal Diagnostic Institute of the Pacific (FDIP) recently announced a data breach of patient records. It was reported that around 40,800 patients were impacted, as sensitive information such as name, date of birth, and medical history were compromised.

The incident had taken place back in June when the unnamed ransomware encrypted FDIP’s stored server data. After consulting with a cybersecurity firm, the malware was removed from all computers and patient data was quickly restored through FDIP’s backup files.

In a statement about the breach, FDIP explains how there is “no evidence showing that any patient data was compromised, [however,] the cybersecurity firm was not able to definitively conclude whether any data was actually viewed or removed from [its] servers.”

At this time, FDIP has informed patients to stay aware of “any suspicious communications” they may encounter that may be of consequence to the data breach. The Institute has not prompted patients with any specific action to take, except with reporting any such suspicious activity.

Ransomware attacks such as these have put businesses on high alert, as more recently, another strain of ransomware known as “Ryuk” has now surfaced. This strain has caused damages exceeding $640,000 so far, and hackers have demanded a ransom of 50 bitcoins - an equivalent to $320,000.

In an effort to slow down or stop the spread of ransomware completely, companies must take the time to educate employees on cyber-security practices so as to avoid clicking on a malicious file that could put a business at risk. In the meantime, it is also highly encouraged to have a backup software - like reevert - implemented for storage, access, and restoration of precious data in times of crises.

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