Mr. Robot Inspired FSociety Ransomware

If you’re a fan of Mr. Robot, you will instantly recognize the logo on this recently inspired ransomware virus. This new EDA2 variant is now recognized as the FSociety Ransomware, based on the logo of the infamous TV hacking group, FSociety.

This show has been made popular by information security pros and entertainment seekers, alike. While this FSociety ransomware seems to still be in development, it’s pretty clear that the creator is a huge fan of the show; it appears that they were so focused on incorporating the logo that they chose not to configure anything else! It doesn’t look like it’s in active distribution as there aren’t any ransom notes, contact information for authors, and only targets a test folder on the Windows desktop.

Based on other EDA2 variants, it appears that data will be encrypted using AES encryption. The RSA decryption key will then be uploaded to a command & control server.

Since this ransomware seems to be in such early development, there isn’t much else to tell. Our InfoSec Pros here at reevert are fans of the show and are interested in knowing your thoughts on this latest infectious software. Even though FSociety Ransomware is not currently active, there are countless other viruses that can stop you from conducting everyday business. Don’t let ransomware have the upperhand. If you haven’t downloaded your free 30 day trial of reevert, click here.

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FSociety Ransomware Wallpaper

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