Majority of Businesses Appear Underprepared For Ransomware Attack

Businesses acknowledge the grave dangers of a ransomware attack, yet 84% of them say that they would choose not to pay the ransom. Ransomware attacks have the power to halt your operations and as any business owner can agree, time down equals money lost.

According to a recent survey conducted by a leading data security and identity theft protection firm, IDT911™, over 22% of businesses are unaware that conducting backups is necessary. While backups do not entirely protect you against ransomware attacks, you’ll find that they are the most helpful tool in the recovery process. With reevert, you can have peace of mind knowing your data is being saved as often as every hour. In case of an attack, you are able to restore your data in a matter of seconds.

When operations are halted and businesses are offline, your revenue streams are affected. 60% of business owners acknowledge the vulnerability they would open themselves up to and say that they would immediately report the attack to the authorities. 33% of businesses say that they couldn’t go any length of time without the critical business systems that would be put in jeopardy in the event of an attack. Having reevert to restore your data instantaneously could potentially save your business.

While there is a heightened sense of awareness, many businesses (65%) do not currently have or plan to budget extra funds in case an attack. 52% of businesses do not carry cyber insurance protection. With statistics like these, it’s glaringly obvious that most businesses may not be ready in the event of disaster. Don’t let your business fall into that category. Reevert can safeguard your data against ransomware attacks. The recovery process utilizing reevert’s local snapshots is very easy and quick.

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In addition to the statistics above, here are 5 more findings from the original survey:

  • Only three percent say they would pay $10,000 or more in a ransomware attack, whereas 10 percent would pay between $1 and $100.
  • Nearly a quarter of business owners (22 percent) say they are unsure how to, or were not aware of the need to, backup their system and files.
  • A mere five percent of business owners currently set aside funds in case of ransomware attacks.
  • Female business owners are more likely than men to report ransomware attacks to authorities right away.
  • Millennials (ages 18 to 34) are more likely to have cyber insurance protecting their business than those respondents aged 35 to 44.

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Source: Survey by IDT911 

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