Locky Ransomware Attacks Target Hospitals

This month, several hospitals were hit hard by a massive Locky ransomware campaign. Attackers primarily targeted the healthcare industry via macro-based files and a phishing campaign. The most recent high-profile Locky attack was in February at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in California; the hospital ended up paying out $17,000 worth of Bitcoin. With the sudden rise in attacks, keeping your data safe is more important than ever. Reevert can help keep your files protected.

These Locky attacks are being transmitted via email phishing campaigns. Attackers are using .DOCM attachments (macro-enabled Office 2007 Word documents) to distribute the malware via email; files can be disguised as medical records, invoices, or other documents. Once the files are downloaded and macros are enabled, malicious code is deployed and your files are encrypted.

Since the healthcare industry seems to rely on outdated security procedures, has high-value assets, and have been moving towards electronic medical records, they make the perfect target. The United States, Japan, Korea and Thailand are currently being hit the hardest according to research from Wednesday by FireEye. Following the healthcare sector are the telecom, transportation and manufacturing industries. To read about ransomware and the manufacturing industry, click here.

Proofpoint classifies Locky as a top malware threat. Q2 stats show that 69% of email attacks feature Locky ransomware and has increased by 45% since Q1.

It’s critical that you stay aware when you receive files from an unknown sender. If your business stands unprotected against ransomware and other virus infections, you run the risk of losing your valuable data. Utilizing reevert can protect your data against ransomware, virus infections and other type of data loss. It takes seamless snapshots of your data in hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis maximizing your data protection efforts. To read more about reevert's features and benefits, follow this link. Sign up, download and start your free 30 day trial today.

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