Liberty Holdings the Next Victim of a Cyberattack

Liberty Holdings the Next Victim of a Cyberattack

South African financial services provider Liberty Holdings suffered from a cyber attack on Saturday according to the Sunday Times newspaper, as an external party demanded payment after revealing that sensitive data was collected.

In a recent press briefing Sunday night, Chief Executive Officer David Munro of Liberty Holdings explains that there is no clear evidence if customers were directly affected with any financial loss. He further explains, “We will proactively inform our customers individually if and when [it is] discover[ed] that they may have been impacted.”  

Munro also stated that Liberty Holdings has reached an advanced level of the investigation, the firm stating that hackers accessed what seems to be only emails and attachments.

For now, Liberty Holdings has addressed the public with a Notice on their main website page, declaring that customers will be notified if they have been impacted from the data breach, the firm also providing a contact email and number to ease any concerns from consumers.


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