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Is the Newest Ransomware Even Considered Ransomware?

The newest form of ransomware (if we dare call it that) looks the part but breaks the rules. Ranscam operates similarly to ransomware in the way of encrypting files for a payment, but in this case, you won’t be getting your files back. Traditional ransomware operates on the basis of encrypting files, getting paid, and decrypting them with a key after payment is received; never does ransomware mention moving files. While ransomware creators seem to at least hold the tiniest shred of integrity when they release your files, Ranscam creators simply don’t. reevert was created by a group of IT professionals with a collective passion for protecting users against ransomware attacks and are confident that reevert will help you do just that. Today, we’re taking a look at this newest scam and what we can do to save you from being a victim.

When you receive the first message, you’re notified that your computer has been locked, your files have been encrypted and were moved to a hidden partition. You are told to pay 0.2 Bitcoin ($130) to have your files unlocked and moved back, yet when you click the payment button, it doesn’t work! You’re hit with a message that tells you a file will be deleted each time you click without following through, leaving you in further despair. As it turns out, the page has been set up intentionally so that you must request email support in order to transfer the Bitcoin. But in all actuality, you won’t be getting those files back. They were never truly encrypted and these hackers don’t care; they just wanted your money. By this point, your data has simply been destroyed.

While it’s incredulous to believe that this scam makes even ransomware creators appear like somewhat compassionate people, it presents new dangers for us to keep our eye on. Even the most average computer user holds valuable data on his/her computer, whether personal or business. Keeping your backups up to date becomes an important tool in recovering from an attack like this. reevert takes snapshots as regularly as every hour to ensure that your data is safe and attainable. Reliable cloud backups also provide peace of mind in knowing that your data is untouched by even the most dangerous malware. You never know when disaster is about to strike; get your free trial of reevert now.

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