Did A Fortune 500 Company Hire This Ransomware Gang to Hack Competition?

The world of ransomware is dirty enough as it is, but by the looks of it, it’s getting even dirtier. Ransomware (a mashup of the words ransom & malware) has been a growing problem in technology over the years. Just recently, there has been new proof to show that the problem is getting substantially worse. Ransomware is now considered to be the most lucrative form of malware to date - and some Fortune 500 companies might have caught on to that.

While these claims are still unconfirmed, it has been said that a Fortune 500 company hired hackers to deploy a string of ransomware attacks on competitors. Most attacks are done for extortion, however, this one seems to be for corporate sabotage. According to motherboard.com and an unidentified ransomware agent, “The purpose was just to lock files to delay a corporation’s production time to allow our clients to introduce a similar product into the market first.”  

By locking the files of their competition, they are able to disrupt operations. The ransomware agent also gave some insight and security advice, ““It’s not just corporations. Politicians, governments, husbands, wives. People from all walks of life contract us to hack computers, cell phones, etc. Once again I believe you are on the wrong contact list because we have no customers in Finland and we don’t target individuals with family photos or music on their system. It’s usually something much more complicated than that,” the agent said. “You were lucky. If the virus would have been a self-destruct virus your computer would have crashed beyond recognition. Get a good antivirus.”

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