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Virus and Malware

Is the Newest Ransomware Even Considered Ransomware?

The newest form of ransomware (if we dare call it that) looks the part but breaks the rules. Ranscam operates similarly to ransomware in the way of encrypting files for a payment, but in this case, you won’t be getting your files back.

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Three Reasons Cyber Crime Is Undoubtedly Getting Worse

In the ever-growing world of technology, the list of threats has only gotten worse. Accounts of cybercrime have gone through the roof as of late and they don’t show signs of stopping. CEO fraud, real estate scams, ransomware… the list goes on. Today, we’re highlighting three pieces of proof that cyber crime isn’t something to ignore. 

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Did A Fortune 500 Company Hire This Ransomware Gang to Hack Competition?

The world of ransomware is dirty enough as it is, but by the looks of it, it’s getting even dirtier. Ransomware (a mashup of the words ransom & malware) has been a growing problem in technology over the years. Ransomware is now considered to be the most lucrative form of malware to date - and some Fortune 500 companies might have caught on to that.


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Ransomware - As Reported by the FBI

Imagine running a successful corporation and with one simple click of a mouse, your data is locked. A message pops up telling you that your data has been encrypted and that you must pay $50,000 to regain access. The devastation sets in when you realize that you are now one of millions that have been hit by ransomware.

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