Being Proactive vs. Reactive About Cybersecurity

Too many companies are failing to understand the growing importance of cybersecurity. While it could previously be brushed off as an “IT issue,” statistics are proving that it’s become everyone’s issue.

Businesses and organizations have begun to recognize cyber risks and threats, but the majority fail to adequately invest in protection and education. Cyber threats, such as ransomware and malware, can encrypt your files and cause you to lose precious data (and money). For example, having your data backed up regularly with reevert can prevent you from needing to pay the ransom in the event of an attack.  Taking a proactive approach by making the time to educate your employees about how to respond to a suspicious email or warning signs are important factors on the prevention end of the spectrum.

Greg Bell, the US leader of KPMG Cyber says, “Cybersecurity is not just a risk management issue to be viewed through a tech lens and as IT’s domain. Many executives assume IT will organically connect the dots on how cybersecurity should align with the business, but that’s not happening.”

Prevention is a better tactic than recovery, and it can save you millions; backing your data up regularly with reevert will protect you in the event of ransomware attack. Having a cyber plan and reevert backups doesn’t only protect your data, but your customers loyalty is likely to deepen, as well. KPMG reports that 61% of technology customers would be more likely to use internet connected devices if they had greater confidence in the security tactics behind them. Responding swiftly in the event of a breach can potentially prevent your customers from leaving.

According to a report by KPMG, nearly half the executive across four different industries (financial, technology, retail and automotive) admitted to not investing capital funds towards data security this past year. This is an alarming rate as cybercrime has become one of the top concerns in the nation.

Investing in proper protection methods can save your organization (and your sanity) from crumbling. Cybersecurity has made a quick jump to the top of executive concerns and you don’t want to be left behind. Reevert creates hourly, daily, weekly and monthly snapshots of your data to give you peace of mind and helps you be proactive instead of reactive about cybersecurity. Click here to learn about our features & benefits and to download your free 30 day trial

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