In 2016, it was estimated that
over $1 BILLION was lost to ransomware.

That amount is estimated to double in 2017.


Answer the call with reevert.

There are a million ways you can lose data. In some cases, data recovery is simple, but in others the damage is irreparable.

New studies show ransomware attacks are becoming more and more common and will soon become the biggest threat to your data. Traditional backup solutions will not provide a quick and easy path to restore from a massive ransomware infection.

reevert is specifically designed to safeguard your data against ransomware type attacks and can put your firm back on track in just a matter of minutes.

The changing landscape of enterprise technology calls for data management innovation. Please see our ransomware page for some statistical information about this very serious threat.

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reevert’s comprehensive system functions as more than a storage appliance. Instant restores, off-site backups to AWS S3, and built in backup and recovery safeguard your data and enable you to respond quickly if faced with an emergency. With reevert your data is protected against threats and your data recovery plan is always at the ready.


Intelligence Built In

reevert software is designed to save you time and resources.

Recovery in Seconds

Complete backups and file recovery in just seconds. Backup and recovery is blazing fast whether you have 1MB or 1TB data. Say goodbye to long hours spent running slow backup software.

Maximize Storage Efficiency

reevert’s built in data compression and dynamic filesystem block size ensures that your files are stored in as little space as possible without wasting your storage blocks.

Saves Time and Space

An intelligent backup system only backs up the changes in your data set, saving time and space. No more repetitive data backups wasting valuable storage space.

Always Safe to Recover

Relax knowing your files are always safe to recover. Schedule backups to run hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. Scheduled data scrubs check for storage issues to prevent any data corruption.


Quick reevert Feature Checklist

Ransomware & Data Loss Protection
Very Fast Data Snapshot Backups (hourly, daily, weekly or monthly)
Local, Network Shares and Network Computers Data backups with cloud based replication
Restore Points

1 per hour

Easy to use Web based Administration Panel
Integrated Backup & Expandable Storage
Does not require separate space to store backups
Maintains File System Security and Permissions
Seamless Amazon S3 Integration for off-site cloud backups with Bandwidth Throttling Support
Downtime Prevention & Instantaneous Data Restores

just a few seconds *

Cost Efficient, High Performance and Reliability

* Local backup restores

Our Clients Include

reevert provides protection against data loss in all industry sectors; from finance and healthcare to engineering and manufacturing.

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