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reevert is an intelligent hybrid backup and storage solution, designed from the ground up specifically to protect businesses against ransomware and data loss. It features fast hourly snapshots, safeguards your data and backups, and allows quick recovery. reevert can image servers and computers, protect network shares and local files and offers offsite cloud data backups.

There are a million ways you can lose data. In some cases, data recovery is simple, but in others the damage is irreparable.

New studies show ransomware attacks are becoming more and more common and will soon become the biggest threat to your data. Traditional backup solutions do not provide a quick and easy path to recover from a massive ransomware infection. Today’s increasingly sophisticated threats require a fresh approach to data protection.


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Intelligence Built In

reevert software saves you time and resources.

Recovery in Seconds

Complete backups and file recovery in just seconds. Backup and recovery is blazing fast whether you have 1MB or 1TB data. Say goodbye to long hours spent running slow backup software.

Maximize Storage Efficiency

reevert's built-in data compression and dynamic filesystem block size allocation ensure your files are stored in as little space as possible without wasting your storage blocks.

Saves Time and Space

An intelligent backup system only backs up the changes in your data set, saving time and disk space. No more redundant data backups wasting valuable storage space.

Always Safe to Recover

Relax knowing your data is always safe. reeverts creates on-site backups every hour and cloud based off-site backups ensures your data can be recovered even after a major disaster.


Quick reevert Feature Checklist

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Ransomware & data loss protection. Quickly rollback data in the event of an infection

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Very fast automatic & on-demand block level data snapshots means frequent backups & better RPOs

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Local, Network Shares, NAS & Network Computers (Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix) on-site & off-site cloud backups

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Physical & Virtual Windows server, workstation & laptop image backups with on-site & off-site cloud backups

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Frequent restore points to minimize lost business productivity due to lost data (1 PER HOUR)

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Intuitive web-based interface simplifies administration

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Native VPN Service to securly access the file server and other network resources remotely  NEW

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MSP Toolbox: Monitor & graph network computers, setup alarms for system events and resource usage NEW

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Centralized Cloud Control Panel to manage multiple appliances

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Integrated storage & backup capabilities to maximize efficiency and to reduce cost

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Maintains file system security & permissions with Active Directory integration and/or Local Users

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Supports all major cloud providers for off-site backups with bandwidth throttling and AES-256 encryption

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Instantaneous data restoration to prevent downtime *

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Appliance to Appliance replication for Disaster Recovery

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Cost efficient, high performance and reliability

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Available as Virtual, Physical or Cloud Appliance

* Local backup restores

Our Clients Include

reevert helps customers reduce risks, simplify operations and contain costs. Our clients come from a wide variety of industries including finance, healthcare, engineering and manufacturing.

Supported Cloud Storage Providers

Amazon S3 storage
Wasabi Hot Storage
IBM Bluemix Cloud Computing
Google Cloud Platform
Microsoft Azure Blob Storage
PC Extreme
Dream Objects
BackBlaze b2 Logo

Supported On-Prem, Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Solution Providers

Riak S2
Leo FS
Pure Storage

Available on Amazon AWS Marketplace

Available on Amazon AWS Marketplace

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